Why Laser?

A Minimally Invasive Approach to Common Dental Problems


Periodontal disease, commonly known as “gum disease”, poses a serious public health threat.  An estimated 75% of Americans suffer from chronic periodontal disease and medical research now links periodontal disease to other health problems and systemic illnesses, such as heart and respiratory diseases, diabetes, stroke, preterm and low birth weight babies and osteoporosis.  Because pain is not symptomatic of this disease it is a silent epidemic.  Periodontal disease is the #1 cause of weakened teeth and tooth loss in American adults.  Weakened and missing teeth impairs the ability to chew properly, and as a result, adversely effects proper nutrition; this condition also creates an aesthetic problem that can have a profound effect on self esteem.

Traditional treatment of severe periodontal disease involves surgical intervention and extractions.  Post operative issues that may arise include discomfort, swelling, tooth sensitivity and unaesthetic outcomes.   Millions of cases of periodontal disease in America remain undiagnosed or untreated due to anxiety and dental phobia related to treatment.  Patients can fear no more since gum surgery can now be performed with a laser. 



Dr. Mark Schlesinger is using the revolutionary, FDA approved Waterlase MD ™ and Waterlase iPlus® that uses laser energy and a gentle spray of water to perform a wide range of virtually painless dental surgical procedures.  The laser is more effective than conventional methods in treating periodontal disease because it achieves greater precision in killing harmful bacteria and removing diseased tissue, while at the same time, promoting better healing.

With bladeless laser dental surgery:

  • scalpels are obsolete
  • often the need for anesthetic is significantly reduced
  • bleeding is significantly reduced or nonexistent because of the laser’s coagulating capabilities
  • sutures are rarely used
  • post operative recovery is significantly better (i.e., little or no pain and swelling) and
  • patient acceptance of treatment is greater since the experience is much more pleasant.



In his office, Dr. Schlesinger uses this versatile dental laser technology for all oral surgical procedures, including, all phases of implant surgery, tooth extractions, grafting and for the quick and effective removal of painful canker sores, cold sores and other pathological conditions.  He also uses the laser for cosmetic procedures, such as gum lifts and gum contouring to correct a “gummy smile”, as well as, reverse vestibuloplasty, where the lip position can be modified to improve a “gummy smile”.

The laser is also effective in improving the quality of life for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, and as a result, suffer from a painful side effect known as mucositis.  In addition, the laser can be used in pediatric cases to perform minor corrective surgery required prior to orthodontic treatment without anesthetic and to treat “tongue-tied” children in a dental office with only topical anesthetic, rather than subject them to sedation in a hospital.  This painless alternative makes kids happy and parents even happier.



Lasers are already being successfully used in dentistry for fillings, whitening, crowns, bridges, root canals and to treat mild to moderate periodontal disease.  Dr. Schlesinger’s office is the first dental surgical specialty practice in Manhattan and one of the first in the United States to offer bladeless, minimally invasive advanced dental surgery with an all-tissue laser.  His use of an all tissue laser to perform dental surgery represents a fundamental change in the way in which he practices his specialty and how it impacts patients who require dental treatment.