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    1. The laser emits energy in the form of light photons. Technically, yes it is radiation, but not harmful x-ray or UV radiation. Dental lasers are mainly in the infrared spectrum.

      Fees for periodontal treatment are typically given per quadrant, not per tooth. Depending on the severity of disease, and other factors, the range could be $300 to $2500+ per quadrant. (quadrant = 1/4 of your mouth, or 8 teeth).

      Hope that helps! Dr. S

  1. I’ve had 2 periodontists examine (probe) my gums, also had full mouth scaling & planing 3 months ago. Both perios are recommending gum surgery but differed in their opinions of where I should have it. One said 1 quadrant, the other said 3 areas in 3 different quadrants. I am so confused! One said IV sedation (I’m terrified of it!) but easy recovery, just stitches, no packing. The other didn’t say anything about IV, just novocaine but plenty of packing & discomfort.

    I have type 2 diabetes, not sure how that plays into the procedures themselves. From what I’ve read about laser gum surgery it sounds like a much better choice! Just based on this info, any input on what I should do next?

  2. I am looking for a periodontist in the Det MI area who will provide peri-therapy with Erbium laser. I will be going to Salvador Brazil at the end of the year for two years and if i don’t get the procedure done before i leave i will need to find a periodontis with this laser experience in Brazil. Please provide me resoources?

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